Answers to common questions

QCan you advise me on the best cover to select from the range available?
AYou will not receive advice or recommendation from us. We will explain what options are available to you. You will then need to make your own choice to proceed
QUntil what age can I join?
AThe age limit for joining is 70 years
QAre children included?
AA Children living with parents who are members are covered at a reduced subscription rate until age 18 or when they cease full time education, whichever occurs earlier.
QWhat Additional Cover can I select when I join?
AYou can select any of the Plans 1 to 5
QWhy does the Additional Plan table not show a rate for children?
AAs an example, if the parent has cover under Plan 3, the child/ren also receive this cover but pay only for the Medical Plan.
QMy partner has a poor medical history, am I able to join on my own?
AYes, there is no requirement for you both to join.
QIs payment monthly?
AYou can pay monthly or for any period in advance up to the end of the calendar year.
QDo I pay medical bills and have the money refunded?
AMedical practices raise the charge directly with us, so you don't pay them yourself. Charges for A&E / dental / optical / and some physiotherapy are paid by you and subsequently refunded up to the limit of the Plan.
QQ If I have to claim a refund, what is the procedure?
AA receipt for the payment you have made should be submitted to our office with details of the treatment/service received.
QI am over 65. Can I change to a different Plan?
AAll benefits commence as soon as the first 2 months contributions have been paid except for Maternity benefit under Plans 1 - 5 which is subject to a 1 year qualifying period
QWhen I join, do I get all benefits immediately?
AYes, cover may be increased or decreased under the Additional Plans annually.
QIf I change to a higher Plan, do I get the extra benefit right away?
AYes, cover may be increased or decreased under the Additional Plans annually.
QHow do I make a complaint?
AIf you do feel you have a complaint, please address it in writing to the Branch Secretary. Your complaint will be investigated in accordance with the procedure detailed in the Terms and Conditions and you will be advised in writing of the outcome.
































If your question remains unanswered from the above, please CONTACT our office for further information.